mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Two new links

Now, you can find two new links here on the left side of this page under the headline "liens":

- De Fide Catholica: both in english and french. This is the site of Father Demets, a catholic priest of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter who serves in Georgia - United States- His last report is an interesting point of view about the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum called Lex Orendi, lex credendi...lex vivendi.
Father Demets writes this: "The beauty of the Latin Mass is not something that we have to keep for ourselves, but it is a treasure of the Church that we have to spread and share".
We must agree this sentence and hope and pray for our bishops. May they give us, according to the will of pope Benedict XVI, a wide application of the Motu Proprio, specially in France where, unfortunately, many bishops and priests still remain opponents of the Tridentine Mass.
The second site is only in french. It is a very beautiful site with a lot of news, prays, links. You also will find inside many magnificent pictures and photos. Visit this site. Even you don't understand french you will not be disappointed!

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