mercredi 25 juillet 2007

Into Great silence

Great silence is not only the title of a german movies released last december but moreover the spirit or why not the soul of the movies. Classified as a documentary, it rather must be considered as a meditation and a pray with the monks of the monastery of Grande Chartreuse in France nearby Grenoble.

The order was founded by Saint Bruno 1n 1084. With six companions he settled in a deep valley of the Chartreuse mountains in french Alps in a solitary site at 1000 meters above sea level. Their purpose was to live completely separated from the world. Solitude is the best word to qualify the way of life of the Carthusian monk. Solitude is not a target but only a mean to have a closer relationship with God.

Into Great Silence
In this movies anything fashionable. Just the poor, simple life of about forty men who decided to follow Jesus Christ. During more than two hours and half whe share their life, day by day. It would be more accurate to write night by night. A large part of the life takes place in the night. The monk raises at 11:30 p.m and after a short pray in his cell joins his brothers in the church for the beautiful night office. Together, all Fathers recitate the office of Matins and Lauds which last between two or three hours. It is a long latin pray in the night which raises up toward God. Don't forget that the Gregorian Chant still remains the official song of the Catholic Church, as reminds us Council Vatican II.
See this movies. It is a lesson and a meditation for everyone.
If you want to know more see the official site of Grande Chartreuse :

If you plan a travel in France, visit the Musée de la Correrie 2 kilometers from the monastery of Grande Chartreuse which is closed for protecting the way of life of Carthusians excepted sundays for mass.

Charterhouses abroad (British or American)

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