jeudi 13 septembre 2007

Education of our children

The most important responsibility of parents is obviously education of their children. As you know this site aims at participating to restoration of a genuine christian society in France. We have to consider that everyone has a part of this duty to achieve, everywhere he is, with his own capabilities even if they are poor.

We have to follow Jesus Christ who teached us His message of peace, brotherhood and goodness as said pope Benedict XVI in his apostolic letter "Motu proprio" Totius Orbis. This is the message that we have to give to our children.

But since the french revolution of 1789 which mainly planned a total destruction of catholicism, France has been threatened of death. Today the danger has drastically grown up. After two centuries the christian values which founded Europe have been cancelled. Current Europe has become a land of business and profits in which there is no place for God. We must restore Europe of faith with its monasteries, cathedrals, churches and mainly the spirit of the Gospel, which is Europe of saint Benedict of Nurcia who was the father of benedictine Order but also was proclaimed Father of Europe by the Church.

Ignoring the education of our sons and daughters would be a wrong attitude. However, many parents consider that education of children is a part of government responsibilities. It is absolutely not acceptable. Education must not be the job of states but must actually remain the absolute responsibility of every father and every mother. Specially, as catholics we must breed our children according to the magisterium of the Church. French catholics perfectly know that school programs have been set up to fight catholicism. These programs inoculate a high toxic poison in spirits.

But, how can we do for our children? While we are spending much energy to give a christian education to our children, the world destroys our work. Television, books, newspapers, movies, classmates sometimes, and the way of life in western countries cause disturbances in the mind of youth. They are involved in the world of culture of death as often said pope John Paul II. However, we cannot keep our children in a kind of "waterproof" box, isolated from our world because this world would be considered as highly dangerous. Such a medicine would be the worst thing we have to do. Not only we should not prepare our children to cope with the society (Life is a fight!) but children would be weakened. Some catholic families put curtains on windows of back seats of their vehicle to protect their children from ads panels with nudity or erotic pictures in streets. And what about the temptation of the forbidden fruit if we only educate our children with interdictions?

The best response is to provide a sane education, a culture of life, within catholic schools but in France few of them are actually catholic schools. Most of them accept non-catholic pupils or students and signed up contract with government to receive public founds. But according this contract they must apply the same programs
as public schools (under control of ministry of education) and their teachers and professors must follow identical training as their colleagues of public education.

You can easily know what happened. Today, the result of such a policy is catholic schools under contracts have lost their catholic identity. The word catholic has become a nonsense, a vacuum concept.

Fortunately few of catholic schools provide a good education. Generally, they belong to Traditionalist trend. That means the crisis inside catholic Church cannot be reduced to a simple fight for the latin mass. This is an other debate we cannot face today because it is not the topic of this page and raises up many questions about some aspects of Council Vatican II. That point could be a study for next weeks in this site.

Priest in a catholic school

The major problem is we have very few catholic schools and they are expensive for parents because these schools do not receive public founds as I said upper to remain totally free.

This site is not a forum but you can give your own comments about education. Let me know your point of view. We can share our experiences in a full spirit of christian brotherhood and give each others advises.

But, first of all, we have to pray the Virgin Mary, Mother amidst mothers, that she may give us the light and the strength to successfully achieve our duty of parents for the souls of our children.

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